Fairies Dream Coloring, from Goal to Reality

Fairies Dream Coloring has gone from goal to reality. The inspiration first came to me just before spring.

It started when I decided I wanted to make an adult coloring book of my own. I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of various animals; a lot of them were birds.  32

Fairies Dream Imagination and Fun

After a while my imagination took over, with the inspiration of my muse I got to work, all I wanted to do was to draw.

As it turns out I drew a variety of pictures, most of them abstract in nature. It was fun and I loved the freedom to create what I wanted without having to be realistic.

I believe I was in the company fairies and muses because as I drew I got caught up in the world of creativity and nature.

I loved that when I sat down to draw that was my only responsibility. It was like for a time nothing else mattered.

Happy to Share

I’m excited to share Fairies Dream with you. I hope that as you begin coloring you’ll awaken your inner child and have the chance to find your own magical escape for a while.

I hope you’ll allow your mind to rest from time to time because you deserve it. As you use Fairies Dream color the pictures however you want and have fun.

Have Fun

Don’t worry about whether or not it makes sense, let the fairies and muses guide you and don’t be afraid to just let go.

Let your imagination guide you as you enjoy the abstract nature of the pictures, that’s what I did when it was created.

The pictures are arranged so you can color freely, and maybe even do some doodling of your own.

Have fun and enjoy!

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Horse Has A Message to Share

Horse reminds us to horse

Find the balance between taming our energy, and using our instinct as it guides us

Horse encourages us to embrace our strong masculine side, and to acknowledge our emotions and passions

He reminds us that the things we thrive for, help carry us forward as we take action

He wants us to know that as we trust our-selves and find our inner strength we can get things done.

Meditate Like a Fairy

Meditation helps keep our mind healthy and gives us the opportunity to focus and guy meditatingremove outside clutter for a while. It’s like exercise for the mind and spirit.

It’s our chance to focus on what’s important to us, our mind is like a muscle and has the power to shape our day and experiences.

Some might think it’s not for them because of time and too many rules, its common to hear that in order to meditate correctly we need to turn off our mind and stop thinking.

Some people can do it that way, for others it can be difficult because we have busy minds. The good news is meditation doesn’t have to be complicated.

Freedom in Meditation:

The fairies want us to know there’s freedom in meditation. The trick is to want to do it, find a method that works and commit to the practice.

Ways to Mediate:
•Find a place where you won’t be disturbed
•Spend three to five minutes focusing on a particular goal
•Speak the goal out loud
•Imagine how you would feel achieving it
•See it accomplished in your mind

Short periods of time makes it easier to focus and not get distracted. Guided meditations in your area of interest can be helpful and might include something like health, success or confidence.

This type of meditation is a form of mindfulness which means being in the present moment and accepting it without judgement.

It can help relieve the pressure of feeling like you have to empty your mind and make the time spent more beneficial.

Benefits of Meditation:
•Gives us the chance to have time to ourselves
•Temporarily leave responsibilities behind
•Makes a positive difference in the way we feel
•Improves confidence and success

girl meditating

It’s important to take time for ourselves and connect with the present moment.

Being aware of how we feel and what we’re doing can help us become happier and more confident individuals.


Happiness and confidence can make success easier to achieve, then we’re more likely to want to have fun, and fairies place a lot of value on fun, laughter and joy.

They encourage us to find a style of meditation we can enjoy in a busy world with so much responsibility because we deserve the benefits that come with it.

Meditation is something anyone can do. It’s a way for us to focus within strengthening our mind and spirit, making a difference in our day to day lives.

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We are here the Fairies Declare

kids playing

When we were kids it was easy to believe in magic and have fun, and it didn’t take much to get our imaginations working and find some sort of adventure in each day.

As we get older it seems harder to experience that part of us, and that’s unfortunate because we’re missing out. We get so caught up in our responsibilities that we forget to embrace our inner child and remember the lessons he or she taught us.

It’s true that as adults we have things we must do and others to take care of, but at the same time it’s important to remember fun, imagination, magic and adventure.

The fairies have a message for us. They hope it will help spark a smile and rekindle the joyful anticipation that children so often experience because of their ability to see and feel things with wonder and excitement.
We are here the fairy’s declare                                                                           faries having fun
To share our magic and our joy
For those willing to see
We want to be known
We hope you will believe
Though there may be a wall between our realms
Ourselves we do reveal
Our magic, our joy
We love to share
Notice the brightly colored dragonfly that hovers near plant and stream
How the birds share their song
How the leaves reflect the light of the sun
The cool breeze that tickles your spine
Soft giggles from behind the trees
The desire for play and fun
We wait by your side
We are here the fairy’s declare